What is Promatica Digital?

Promatica Digital is a leading healthcare software provider. Our goal is to create solutions that genuinely help people working in the NHS and other healthcare organisations. We have delivered our software to over 20 organisations across the NHS. These parties use our IT systems to facilitate safe and effective delivery of patient care.

As a specialist healthcare software provider, we have developed a range of quality, asset and resource management solutions. We are working with our healthcare partners to support them with developing and implementing digital health and business model transformation solutions.

Business Units

Medicine Optimisation
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Social Rx Connect

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PRISM Data Analytics
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Temp Tracker

Temp Tracker is a data logger and software solution with top-of-the-line security standards. It monitors and logs medical fridge, ambient and vaccine storage temperature digitally, which eliminates the need for time-consuming manual fridge monitoring.

Temp Tracker is a leading solution for NHS organisations. It helps you prove to the Care Quality Commission that you have an effective system to monitor the temperature of your medical fridges.

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In terms of the implementation process, it was organic how things grew. We at first targeted wards
for COVID-19, because that had immediate priority.

Finbarr Canney - Clinical Informatics Pharmacist University Hospital Bristol and Weston Foundation Trust

The Promatica Quality Portal is very comprehensive with options to suit different needs, so getting
your setup correct is crucial to take advantage of its flexibility.

Marion Shipman - Associate Director Quality and Governance at Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust

Within the context of Healthcare Clinical Safety where understanding, interpreting and navigating
the standards is not trivial, Mo Rahman from Promatica Digital is a beacon of sanity, providing clarity
support and impartial guidance.

Mark Thornton - Business Unit Director UK & Ireland - Cambio Healthcare Systems Ltd

It reduces our wastage because we've got the accurate data.

Michelle Beecroft - Deputy Director of Pharmacy

It has given us the assurance we needed as to what was going on in our fridges.

Jonathan Peacock - Director of Pharmacy Tameside and Glossop Integrated Care

This is our work engine. This is telling us what to do. We use Web Tracker to keep our eye on our
scheduling. When we start selling down our products to the clinic, we can see if we’ve sent

Tracey Sharman - Principal Technician North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust

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