Software for General Practices

It doesn’t matter whether you work as a nurse, link worker, general practitioner, receptionist or manager. Software solutions within your practice can make a great difference for your daily tasks.

We have long shifted from a time when all data was registered on paper. Yet nurses, doctors and receptionists still use paper where digital solutions can reduce time spent on paper-heavy administration significantly. Better for the environment and better for your busy schedule!

Advantages to using software in GP Practices

  • Helps you comply to CQC requirements
  • No need to try and find specific documents, but a simple search away
  • Keep all information in one system where dedicated people can access documents from any place
  • Health and social care professionals can manage their social prescribing in an organised fashion with direct links to providers
  • No need for manual recordings of for instance medicine fridge temperatures
  • As data can be easily aggregated, Clinical Commissioning Groups and Primary Care Networks get better insight into the performance of GPs and will know which areas might need further support or funding

Our Software Solutions that Primary Care can benefit from: