Software for Hospitals

There is a range of options in terms of software for hospitals and large hospital trusts. Hospital software offers great opportunities for directors and managers, as it helps them and their staff save valuable time.
Think of for instance the daily task of registering the temperature of medicine fridges or calling to different wards to check if certain medication has been delivered. These tasks can be performed by a digital system.
As a result, the software helps nurses, pharmacists, and doctors, and indirectly patients. With a few clicks you can generate the clinical information you need.

Digital security and hospital software

Of great value within the NHS and other healthcare organisations is the digital security of hospital software systems. After all, you want to keep your information safe and away from harm. The standard of security hospital software has to meet is strict.
This being of high import the digital solutions of Promatica offer hospitals high-quality security.

How hospital software can help you

  • Improve patient safety and manage quality
  • Take away time-consuming administrative tasks for nurses, pharmacists, quality officers and other hospital professionals
  • Maximise capacity of medicine storage
  • Manage all your documents in one place

Have a look at our available digital solutions for hospitals: