Promatica Digital now live on G-Cloud 12

Promatica Digital now live on G-Cloud 12

We are delighted to say we are now a Crown Commercial Service Supplier for four of our solutions:

  • Quality Portal
  • Web Tracker
  • Contract Manager
  • Temp Tracker

After a successful application last month, the different products went live on the 28th of September.

“We’ve seen many great changes within Promatica over the last 9 months, experiencing growth in a challenging time for healthcare,” says Mo Nazir, angel investor at Promatica. “Our successful application to G-Cloud 12 marks another step in offering our service to hospital trusts, CCGs, PCNs and more.”

The successful application comes after new growth we’ve experienced over the course of the year, as Promatica secured funding in 2019.


About G-Cloud 12

G-Cloud 12 is a digital marketplace where the public sector in the UK can purchase cloud-based computing services. It is a vast database of over 36,000 services and over 3,500 suppliers.

G-Cloud and its latest version G-Cloud 12 simplifies the procurement process of cloud-based services. One of the greatest benefits of procuring through G-Cloud is that there is no need for a lengthy tender process.

Furthermore, it sets public-sector organisations at ease the companies listed on the digital marketplace have been approved by the Commercial Crown Service.

Promatica offers cloud software that brings solutions to health and social care. The platform is an easy way for these organisations to quickly access the information they need, get the right contact details and procure available services. The information on the Digital Marketplace is expansive, ranging from pricing information to user support, operational security, and supported browsers.

Promatica now being on G-Cloud 12 allows us to now bring our software to more users across the UK. “This company was founded with the aim of helping people in healthcare and making their life easier,” CEO Mo Rahman says. “In 2020 we have seen the importance of digital solutions and how it can tackle difficulties in a socially-distanced world. Even more, in a world where the NHS is greatly focussed on fighting against COVID-19, time-saving digital solutions have become a valuable commodity.”

We greatly look forward to offering our software through G-Cloud 12. Have a look at our solutions by going to the government’s digital marketplace.

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