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Patient Safety Service

Promatica gladly helps organisations with setting up the right safety standards for health IT systems and apps. We have high-value expertise in the Clinical Patient Safety field with a dedicated national advisor that has worked in Patient Safety for many years.


Patient Safety

COVID-19 App

In 2020 Mo Rahman was asked to offer his Patient Safety advice for the COVID-19 App. The app was launched on 24 September 2020 across England and Wales.

Our Patient Safety Advice

Our Patient Safety services adapt to your own wishes and needs. There are lots of different ways we can help you improve your Patient Safety. 

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Safety process and plan

We can help you put together a safety process and plan. This information can be mapped in your quality management system and is of great value to maintaining or improving quality across your organisation.

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Clinical Audits

We can assist with clinical audits. Clinical audits are of great value to healthcare. Audits allow organisations to gain insight if their service is up to standard. An audit also gives information on what patient care services can be improved.

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Patient Safety documents

We can review or set up patient safety documents. Think of for instance your patient safety requirements, workflows, risk analysis, hazard log, Unified Modeling Language technical documents and database architecture. This will greatly help you attain the highest Patient Safety quality standards.

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Quality assurance

We can offer quality assurance of safety standards of your health software. In the UK, the safety standards for IT systems are labelled in two sections: the manufacture (DCB 0129), and the deployment (DCB 0160) of your health software. We offer help with both clinical risk management standards. Additionally, we could carry out the whole safety process for you. This means we initiate, develop, and deploy the appropriate health software as well as provide a safety sign-off.

Patient Safety Training

As part of our service we offer patient safety training and mentoring for healthcare teams. By providing your staff with patient safety knowledge and the right skill package, your healthcare team will be well-equipped to set the right standards. As part of the training you will receive guides, videos and classroom (online or in-person) training.

Why seek advice on Patient Safety?

 Whether a trust or a private company, there may be limited knowledge on Patient Safety within your organisation. With external expert advice you can pinpoint and tackle risks for patients and reduce them significantly. With our help you can:

- build on your Patient Safety knowledge, which will help you set up best practices and deliver the best care to patients you can.

- proactively manage risks and learn from previous Patient Safety issues.

- set up the right Patient Safety standards.

A dedicated Clinical Safety Officer

Patient safety scales

Who can benefit from Patient Safety advice?

Any healthcare organisation or business can benefit from an external look at how they handle and could improve their Patient Safety. We’ve worked together with a number of companies and have found many different parties can benefit from advice and help with Patient Safety.

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Hospitals, Clinics & Healthcare Providers

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Digital Health Companies

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Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG's)

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General Practitioners

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Private companies

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Clinical Officers