Software for Commissioners & Local Authorities

Software for commissioners and local authorities offers a great solution to enhance productivity across health and social care organisations.

But the number of ways in which software can help you might surprise you. Have you for instance considered letting a hardware and software solution track the temperature of your medicine fridges? Or choosing a software solution that allows you to manage your social prescribing?

Benefits to software for Commissioners & Local Authorities

There are a number of great benefits for both commissioners and local authorities to using software solutions within the services they offer.

  • Helps you comply to CQC requirements
  • Reduce the number of hours spent on manual tasks
  • Keep important documents in one place and easily accessible for healthcare teams
  • Set up different user accounts so people within the team can see and use what they need to
  • Assign tasks, reminders and alerts to your team for maximum productivity, quality management and improved patient care

Our digital solutions for Commissioners & Local Authorities: