What is prescription tracking software?

What is prescription tracking software?

Prescription tracking software is a system that allows clinicians to view where their prescription is within its given pathway. This could be anywhere from ordering stock to delivery or administering the prescription to a patient.

How does prescription tracking work?

Simply put, prescription tracking applications allow you to book in prescriptions. Once you’re ready to dispense your prescriptions for delivery to the patient or a different ward you can print a label and stick this on the specific prescription.

This label is scannable throughout its journey, allowing you to track where your prescription is at all times within the system.

Furthermore, prescription tracking allows you to confirm that medicine has reached the patient within its set timeframe.

How prescription tracking software helps healthcare staff

Prescriptions delivered safely

To offer a high standard of patient safety it is paramount prescriptions get delivered to the right person safely. With the ability to track where medicine is, a clinician has the information she needs to offer this type of delivery.

In addition, some medicine – as we have seen with the MRNA COVID-19 vaccines – have specific storage requirements. Knowing when and where these vaccines have been and when they have moved between storage facilities.

Improved workflow

Via a pharmacy prescription management and tracking system you can improve the workflow for pharmacy staff. One of the issues found in trusts are the high turnaround of prescriptions without insight into where the medicine is once it leaves pharmacy.

When medicine doesn’t arrive pharmacy often receives a high volume of calls. Following these calls pharmacist have to discover where prescriptions are, at times leading them to leave the work stations.

With a digital system, a pharmacist can easily view where a prescription is. As other department may also have access to the system, it even prevents them from having to call into pharmacy, thus improving the productivity of pharmacy staff.

Quicker patient turnaround times

With a better workflow and more accurate ready-to-view information, the patient turnaround can be significantly improved.

In addition, the patient experience can also improve, as some prescription tracking software allows for patients to be sent a text when their prescription is ready for pick-up.

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