Controlled Drug Ordering

Order online controlled drugs securely 24/7. Now fully operational at UH Bristol NHS Foundation Trust.

A full prescription tracking solution

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What is Web Tracker?

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Prescription tracking for pharmacy

Web Tracker is a complete prescription tracking solution for General Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and more. You can track the flow of medicine from the point of arrival to its final destination.

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Controlled Drugs e-ordering & tracking

This product in Web Tracker allows for ordering of controlled drugs as well as managing stock and tracking controlled medicines. This allows you to process orders safely and track deliveries up to its destination in a full digital solution.

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Homecare management

Streamline and improve your capacity and workflow for homecare prescriptions with a full Homecare management solution.

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Aseptics e-ordering & tracking

This module allows for capacity management through the chemotherapy lifecycle of products. The system enables streamlined production as wards and pharmacy can interact via the system (e.g. if patients arriving for therapy).

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“This is our work engine. This is telling us what to do. We use Web Tracker to keep our eye on our scheduling. When we start selling down our products to the clinic, we can see if we’ve sent everything.”

Tracey Sharman, Principal Technician at North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust

Web Tracker’s functions in a nutshell

There’s a lot Web Tracker can do. Its main feature is the tracking of medicine. The software allows you to input data and print a label. The label is scannable as it is moved between locations or departments until it reaches the right healthcare professional or patient.

Why use Web Tracker?

Web Tracker has a number of advantages for monitoring the flow of medicine. Using this electronic solution can make a big difference for your organisation.

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It eliminates 90 per cent of the medicine queries from and within the ward, meaning valuable time can be spent on other important tasks

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Always a real-time overview of where your medicine is, which allows you to keep track of your prescriptions as well as easily answer to queries about the location of medicine.

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It gives you an easy overview and additional analytics of your prescriptions. Ultimately this leads to an improved workflow and improved capacity since you can use the analytics in the systemto optimise your flow of prescriptions.

What can Web Tracker do?

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Book a prescription in

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Print a label and place it on the specific prescription

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Watch as the system registers where your prescription is

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Pharmacists report for duty

In Web Tracker pharmacists can report for work. How? By using a digital clocking-in method.

This register in Web Tracker covers a 24/7 cycle.

Other functionalities in Web Tracker

Web Tracker is a full solution for prescription management with many different features. 

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Clinical Homecare system

A revolutionary part of Web Tracker is the Clinical Homecare management system. This system is specifically built for NHS Trusts. It is the first of its kind.

The Clinical Homecare system is an order management system for, as the product name suggests, clinical homecare. Prescriptions can be recorded and purchased through the system. This allows for ease dispense by pharmacies and easy receival by homecare patients.

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Clinical Trials Manager

This module in Web Tracker allows for full clinical trial management.

Staff can manage supplies, the initiation onto trials, invoices, labelling and document management.

Interventions and prescription error recordings

Controlled drug ordering

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