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What is Quality Portal?


The Promatica Quality Portal is very comprehensive with options to suit different needs,
so getting your setup correct is crucial to take advantage of its flexibility

Marion Shipman, Associate Director Quality and Governance at Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust

Quality management in the software system

Quality Portal allows you to manage different important quality items, amongst which complaints and PALS, risks, clinical audits, incidents and projects involving service evaluation and quality improvement.

This is reflected in the seven key modules that sit within the software system:

Complaints and PALS
Action Plans
Clinical Audits, Quality Improvement and service evaluation projects
NICE Guidance Management
Digital Library

Benefits of using Quality Portal

- Manage quality in one place, which helps save time

- Web-based system, meaning you can access the software from any device and place

- Excellent support and service

- Our solution does not break the bank

Quality Portal's Key Features

A number of different key features sit within the modules. All below named features are generated in a quick overview, showing you what has been listed for which item.

Key features of Quality Portal visual

Action Plans

Action plans is a standalone module in the system, but also operates within other modules. You can generate a full overview of all the action plans you have, add action plans to specific quality items and send automatic reminders to staff.


Upload documents straight from your computer onto the system and attach them to specific quality items you are working on. This way you keep your documents all in one place and at the ready as you need them.

Category Mapping

To better manage your quality, you can assign your different items to categories.


You can add team members to items in the Quality Portal. This feature means you can easily collaborate in the system.


Directly email from the system and attach files to the email. Additionally, you are able to log your communications from conversations over the phone to, face-to-face meetings, letters and many more.

Help icon

Whenever you see a text box with three dots, we are offering additional information. Think of for instance noting down if an incident is a Patient Safety Incident. You don’t have to move away from the system to be reminded what this incident type entails.

Interlink Quality Items

You can link different quality items to each other, such as an incident to a risk. This is very helpful to straight away get a clear overview of which items should be considered together or influence each other

Lessons learned

Especially useful for the CQC, you can list the lessons learned from a specific quality issue. Listing this in the system quickly allows you to show how you have improved on your quality knowledge and practice and share more widely within your organisation.

Outcome Management

Register the outcome within the system for a specific item. List a complaint as for instance ‘resolved’ or ‘not upheld’.

Schedule tasks

Schedule tasks and request to be reminded of these tasks. You can quickly view how many tasks are overdue, finished and how many tasks you’ve set in total. This way you can keep up to speed without having to click into the specific item.


Update the status of specific quality items at any time so you and your team are up to date on the current status, e.g. 'Report submitted'.

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Different users, different accounts

Quality Portal allows for different users with different permission levels.

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