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Are you working in the social prescribing field? Social Rx Connect is specifically designed for this emerging area of health and social care. Our solution helps link workers, managers, GPs, directors and more manage and organise their social prescribing service.

With over 25 years of experience working across the NHS, we know the field in and out. This means we offer you not only a technical solution, but the insight that is necessary for implementing these important digital tools.

Social Rx Connect offers a full solution, meaning you can make use of the software solution as well as consultancy and training support for setting up social prescribing.

Core values of Social Rx Connect

- Easy-to-use system

- Software developed with Bexley Voluntary Service Council and CCG

- Does not break the bank, as our system is competitively priced

- Added consultancy and training support

Social prescribing care provided

Why Choose Social Rx Connect?

Features of Social Rx Connect

Hands together collaboration

Who can use our social prescribing solutions?

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Clinical Commissioning Groups

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Primary Care Networks

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General Practices

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Voluntary care organisations

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Local Authorities

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Housing Associations

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