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What is Temp Tracker?

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Vaccine temp monitoring solution

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"It has given us the assurance we needed as to what was going on in our fridges."

- Jonathan Peacock, Chief Pharmacist

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"It reduces our wastage, because we've got the accurate data."

- Michelle Beecroft, Deputy Director of Pharmacy

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"If a fridge is broken, we have actual proof the fridge isn’t working."

- Helen Walker-Jones, Medicine Safety Pharmacist

Temp Tracker’s Main Features and Functionalities

Temp Tracker uses IoT devices from the leading global supplier. These devices are neatly integrated into our software solution. Together this solution provides 24/7 monitoring and sends alerts to staff if actions need to be taken.

Easy-to-use software solution

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Additional Benefits of Temp Tracker

- Logs data for you
- Sends temperature alerts via SMS or email
- Saves valuable time
- Competitively priced

The only solution with full Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, radio and RFID connectivity

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Data logging

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Alerts and alert management

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Temp Tracker's Assurance

Data logging

Data logging Temp Tracker
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Alerts and alert management

Temp Tracker’s Assurance

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We teach you how to use Temp Tracker

As part of our service we offer full training and resources to the staff that you have nominated to receive alerts. This makes them familiar with the software and data loggers and helps them to determine the most appropriate corrective actions.

How Do Temp Tracker's Alerts Work?

The alerts received will allow you to look into the alert, showing you what the exact issue is. The alarm states where the issue is, for instance Ward 20 – medicine room. This is based on the name given to the different locations. Furthermore, it reveals what the device ID is, which is also shown on the data logger. This way users can identify the physical device when completing corrective actions.

In addition, the alert shows the following data straight away:

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The actual temperature reading

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The temperature limit exceeded

Time of alarm Temp Tracker icon

The time of the alarm

Filling out Temp Tracker checklist

Temp Tracker backs data up if Wi-Fi goes down

There is no need to worry about your temperature tracking if your Wi-Fi goes down. Data is backed up locally on each digital sensor. This data is transmitted once the system returns to its usual status.

In reality this means there is a slight delay in analysing the data and sending out alerts. Once the Wi-Fi is back up and running, you can still access a full audit trail to assess the medicine’s stability.

If there is an immediate need to read a temperature during the Wi-Fi downtime, you can easily check the temperature on the visual display on each digital sensor. If a prolonged period of downtime were ever to occur, periodic manual checks of this display would be required to maintain compliance with CQC.

Lifespan of data loggers and their batteries

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