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Digital Library

Digital Library

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What is Digital Library?


Key functionalities of Digital Library

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Get reminders by adding the next review date for specific documents

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Upload documents & links

Upload different file types, from images, to excel sheets, word documents and video links

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Download documents

Easily access and download documents from the system

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Organise & manage

Organise and manage your documents under different categories

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Version control

Control document version. Different versions of documents can be viewed and added with the version history kept stored in the system.

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QR Codes

Create a QR code per document, allowing you to quickly and easily access and share files amongst your team.

Make a document confidential

As a healthcare organisation you inevitably deal with sensitive documents. In Digital Library you can decide to restrict the access to a certain document, so it remains confidential.


Assign different permission levels to documents

Policies, guidelines, meeting minutes and other documents are relevant to different staff members. By assigning different permission levels for different users, you can easily manage who sees what and who can edit certain documents.

A great additional feature is that you can assign documents to a document committee, such as a quality assurance committee. They can review the document posted and sign off on it if satisfied.

Any staff member or committee that is added to a document receives a notification via email, which states they can now either read or edit a document.

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Training staff in Digital Library

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